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Posted by Tarang Srivastava on Oct 23, 2018 9:52:59 AM

The new CEAT Ag Radial plant and company's R&D team have been busy. In just one year, the plant is now producing 100 different radial tires!

That's good news for North American farmers looking for credible options for good quality Ag CEAT 100 screen grabtires that contribute to their bottom line.

Only one tire manufacturer outside of Japan has received the prestigious Deming Prize for total quality management (TQM). A proud distinction for CEAT. So we're not only producing 100 different types of radials, but very high quality tires.

CEAT has invested in best-in-class equipment, including the newest versions of tire building machines for this new plant. The plant operators are all well-trained diploma engineers… a very agile, high energy team fully committed to be the fastest team in the tire industry. The R&D team consists of hand-picked specialists for this Specialty business.

CEAT FARMAX R85-1Examples of the high-quality products being manufactured at our plant include the CEAT FARMAX R85, (pictured to the left) as well as the FARMAX 65 and 70 Series radials and the recently introduced FARMAX Row Crop Radial. All these tires feature CTR:

  1. low compaction
  2. high traction
  3. high roadability

To achieve a larger footprint, these tire have larger inner volume, higher tread arc width and flexible sidewalls. The larger footprint helps with low compaction which in turn reduces damage to the soil. This results in higher crop yield by helping with aeration and maintaining the proper mechanical strength of the soil.

All CEAT Ag radials sold in North America are backed by a “best in class” 7-year warranty. CEAT also offers a full range of Ag bias tires.

We sincerely appreciate the reception CEAT has received in North America and encourage you to click on the banner below to learn more.

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