We've Got Your Back . . . for 7 Years

Posted by Tarang Srivastava on Nov 15, 2018 12:11:05 PM

We're getting tremendous feedback on the quality of CEAT Ag radials and are keen for more North American farmers to give CEAT quality a try. To help them make that move, we are backing all our Ag radials sold in North America by a 7-year warranty.

Any CEAT Ag radial that becomes unserviceable, unrepairable or unsafe due to a defect in materials or workmanship during the first two years and no more than 25 percent wear is warranted for 100 percent credit.

7 Year Warranty Logo-01For the 3rd to 7th year, the products are warranted on a pro-rated basis depending on tread wear. If the tire is 90 percent worn, a 10 percent credit will be given to the customer.

In addition, CEAT Ag radials are warranted for field hazard and stubble damage. If a tire fails due to this type of damage within the first year, the customer will receive a 75 percent credit. Credit will be 50 percent within the 2nd year and 25 percent credit within 3rd year.

CEAT FARMAX R85-1Available for rim sizes 20 to 46, the FARMAX R85 radial is a great example of CEAT technology. It is designed to provide exceptional CTR: low compaction, high traction and high roadability.

We are confident in our Ag radial technology because CEAT has invested in best-in-class equipment, including the newest versions of tire building machines for this new plant. The plant operators are all well-trained diploma engineers… a very agile, high energy team fully committed to be the fastest team in the tire industry. The R&D team consists of hand-picked specialists for this Specialty business

It all adds up to high quality Ag tires that contribute to the bottom line for hard working farmers.

We encourage you to give CEAT Ag radials a try (we produce many bias tire patterns as well). We don't believe you will ever need our 7-year warranty, but if you do, we've got your back!

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