The Power of CTR With CEAT Ag Radials

Posted by Theresa Kapper on Nov 30, 2020 7:51:40 PM

The “Power of CTR.” You see that phrase often in our advertising, but what exactly does it mean?

"C"for Compactionceat driven-1

To achieve a larger footprint, CEAT FARMAX Ag radials have larger inner volume, higher tread arc and flexible sidewalls. The larger footprint helps with soil compaction, an insidious threat to crop yields.

"T" for Traction

Traction is another important aspect behind the Power of CTR. Armed with unique dual-angle lugs, with a lower angle at the shoulder and more lugs in the footprint, FARMAX tires deliver superior traction in the field and on the road. This reduces slippage, thus saving time and fuel.

Brad Schmucker with CEAT tire"R" for Roadability

Roadability – defined as ride comfort on the road – is also critical. CEAT tires are packed with features like higher lug overlap and higher lug continuity to provide stability and comfort for a smooth ride back home.

Please check out this brief video of how CEAT CTR is benefiting the farmer customers of Millersburg Tire in Ohio, one of the region's top Ag tire dealers.

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