How Do You Say That?

Posted by Theresa Kapper on Oct 14, 2020 9:55:25 AM

Since CEAT Specialty Tires entered the North American market three years ago, more and more farmers agree that CEAT Ag tires are hard working - in the field and on improving the bottom line. There is less agreement, though, on how to pronounce our name!

We conducted some "farmer-on-the-street" video interviews recently and the name video image #1results are interesting to say the least. Some got it right and some got it way wrong LOL!

Take a look at this video. It's pretty darn funny!

It is pronounced "See Ott." CEAT is actually an acronym but that is not the main story. Our 90-year history is what is meaningful. Established in 1924 at Turin, Italy, CEAT has come a long way since then.

The company journeyed to India in 1958. Today, CEAT is one of India’s leading tire manufacturers, with a global footprint spanning over 120 countries.

In the specialty segment, CEAT manufactures farm, mining and earthmover, industrial, and construction equipment tires, as well as special application off-road tires. 

CEAT YIELDMAX -1The CEAT Specialty Tires office for North America was opened in Charlotte, NC, in 2017. Thanks to our wonderful distributors and dealers, CEAT Ag tires are now available in ___ states.

We are thankful to be receiving so many favorable reviews from farmers on products such as our new Yieldmax. Available in the 650/75 R 32 and 620/75 R 26 sizes, the Yieldmax not only offers increased load carrying capacity to support larger combines, but also high traction and stability.


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