"New" Ag Tire

CEAT, a global tire manufacturer with 90 years’ experience, is now marketing and selling a comprehensive line of radial and bias Ag tires in North America.

  • CEAT has one of the world's most advanced radial Ag tire plants.
  • All CEAT Ag radials sold in North America are backed by a “best in class” 7-year warranty.

CEAT 7 Year Warranty Badge

  • CEAT OTR and industrial tires are now also available for North American companies.

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Farmax R85 Excels in CTR

The FARMAX R85, available for rim sizes 20 to 46, is gaining many new fans since its entry into the US market.

This highly advanced Ag radial is designed to provide exceptional CTR: low compaction, high traction and high roadability (see picture below).


Due to its flexible sidewalls, superior construction, wider tread face and higher inner tire volume, the CEAT FARMAX R85 helps reduce soil compaction and carries more load.

Its dual lug angle design with more lug overlap gives the CEAT FARMAX R85 superior high traction and better roadability.

FARMAX 65 and 70 series radials are now also available, as well as the FARMAX Row Crop Radial.