Ohio Dairy Early Adopter of CEAT Ag Tires

Posted by Tarang Srivastava on Jul 17, 2019 7:19:11 AM

When CEAT Specialty Tires, part of a 90-year-old company, entered the North American market in 2017, our team reached out to Catalpadale Dairy Farm in Ohio to "kick the tires" so to speak. 

This is part of our core philosophy to work with and learn from our end users . . . the famers of America.

Today, this massive dairy farm with 4,600 head of Holsteins is sold on the CEAT value josh climbing into tractor - catalpadale dairy-1proposition -- very good quality at a very competitive acquisition price.

Operations manager Josh Zimmerly said they decided to try the CEAT FARMAX R85 radials on their feed mixer tractors.

"These tractors are the heart of the dairy, working 8 to 10 hours a day on variable surfaces from gravel and mud to asphalt and concrete . . . long distances on the road to short turns with heavy loads on an uphill grade," he explained. "We knew these tractors would be the ultimate test for CEAT."

Click here to see CEAT tires in action feeding some appreciative cows.

So how did the CEAT FARMAX R85s measure up? Here's what Josh told us:


"With radial tires, sometimes when you go from asphalt to concrete the ride can be like night and day. With CEAT, the ride is smooth the entire time . . . it doesn't matter if you are carrying a big load or no load, or what the speed is."

soil compactionSoil compaction

"Soil compaction is a huge concern on our crop grounds. We applicate heavily and run a lot of big rigs. We try to save the ground when we can which usually means on the power side of things.

The CEAT tires have a variable pressure rating which allows us to run low pressure for good flotation and keeping the weight out of the ground."

Down Time & ValueDeere at Catalpadale Dairy

"It's complete chaos if one of these big tires goes down. It's a monumental task getting it off, swapping it out. Hopefully you have a tire sitting in the shed that you can swap out. Not normally the case with the prices of most tires, but we have found with the CEAT price point we are able to have one or two extras on hand. And that is very handy!"

Click here to see brief video of  CEAT Technical Services Manager Jim Enyart talking with Josh.

We sincerely appreciate having Catalpadale Dairy Farm as a customer and wish them all the best. A really great group of people! See more photos of the farm below.

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couple at Catalpadale Dairy-1

cows talking at Catalapade

R85 at Catalpadale Dairy


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