Reduce Your Ag Tire Operating Costs

Posted by Tarang Srivastava on May 15, 2019 8:20:01 AM

Evidence is mounting that farmers are experiencing the worst agricultural downturn since the 1980s.

Glutted grain markets have sparked a years-long price slump made worse by a CEAT - RADIAL TRACTORtrade war with top buyer China. As their revenues decline, farmers have piled on record debt -- to the tune of $427 billion, according to Bloomberg Business News.

Because reducing operation costs is critical for farmers in these tough times, the CEAT line of radial and bias Ag tires is gaining popularity in the farm belt.

How many hours?

When evaluating Ag tire performance, a key question is:  How many hours of work will I obtain for the acquisition price? CEAT, a “new” Ag tire brand in North America, is showing great results . . . competitive price combined with good wear performance.

The proof is in the field

Of course, the hours of service must be quality time . . . not searching for traction in the fields or enduring a rough ride on paved surfaces.

Tyre_001_Changes new-1The CEAT FARMAX R85 Ag radial is one of our most popular tires. Available for rim sizes 20 inches to 46 inches, it is designed to provide exceptional CTR:

  • low compaction
  • high traction
  • high roadability

Due to its flexible sidewalls, superior construction, wider tread face and higher inner tire volume, the FARMAX R85 helps reduce soil compaction. Its dual lug angle design with more lug overlap provides high traction and better roadability.

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