Soil Compaction, An Insidious Threat to Farm Profits

Posted by Jim Enyart on Dec 4, 2019 10:38:20 AM

Soil compaction isn’t always visible but it can, nevertheless, be an insidious, long-term threat to farm yields.

Compacted soils need corrective action before planting the next crop or production will be reduced. Avoiding or reducing  compaction should always be a key part of your farming operation.

Tire selection should be utilized as a compaction reduction “tool” especially with CEAT’s FARMAX radial Ag line that provides a large footprint and great traction, as well as a very good ride down the road.

What is soil compaction?

Soils contain air pockets that are critical to maintain the proper composition required for healthy soils. When soils are compacted, the soils’ air volume is reduced. Water and nutrient movement is negatively affected according to the severity and extent of the compaction. Subsequent water and nutrient uptake due to reduced mobility, as well as reduced root growth, will reduce yields as compaction increases.

Waterlogged soils combined with compaction can greatly reduce the soil porosity and quickly reduce growth and ultimately yield. Compaction zones lead to water logged soils above because the downward  moisture movement is inhibited by the compaction area which may be due to a tillage pan or tire tracks especially during wet harvests.  

Even in soils not prone to forming hardpans, heavy equipment—especially in wet conditions—can compact soil and limit crop potential for years.

It’s almost always worthwhile to invest in technologies that maximize footprint to evenly spread the load across the greatest possible surface. Tires, such as FARMAX Ag radials, can play a big role.

Deere at Catalpadale Dairy-2The CEAT FARMAX R85, available for rim sizes 20 to 46 inches, provides exceptional CTR: low compaction, high traction and high roadability. Due to its flexible sidewalls, superior construction, wider tread face and higher inner tire volume, the FARMAX R85 helps reduce soil compaction.

Its dual lug angle design with more lug overlap gives the FARMAX R85, which is backed by a 7-year warranty, high traction and better roadability. Special “mud breakers” in the tread design contribute to self cleaning.

Click here for brief video on how the FARMAX R85 is reducing soil compaction at Catalpadale Dairy Farm in Ohio.

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