Watch Out for Soil Compaction in Wet Spring Planting Season

Posted by Jim Enyart on Apr 15, 2019 9:29:22 AM

The right Ag tires can be a big help in dealing with what a meteorologist is calling a “character building” spring planting season.flooded field

“Over the next four to six weeks, pick your spots accordingly,” says Brownfield Ag meteorologist Greg Soulie.  “If you are able, set and ready to go, go get it and keep an eye on compaction issues.”

Great advice! An Ag tire that minimizes soil compaction is extremely critical when planting in water-saturated soil. Also, a tire with self-cleaning properties can be a huge asset.

CEAT FARMAX R85-2The CEAT FARMAX R85 can provide you a valuable assist! Available for rim sizes 20 to 46 inches, it is designed to provide exceptional CTR: low compaction, high traction and high roadability. Due to its flexible sidewalls, superior construction, wider tread face and higher inner tire volume, the FARMAX R85 helps reduce soil compaction and carries more load at lower pressure.

Its dual lug angle design with more lug overlap gives the FARMAX R85, which is backed by a 7-year warranty, high traction and better roadability. Special “mud breakers” in the tread design contribute to self cleaning.

We have a good number of FARMAX R85s in the fields now across the US and Canada; farmers are reporting excellent results.

It will indeed be a challenging spring planting season in the Midwest and Upper Midwest. Asked if farmers will be getting any relief from the moisture, Soulie says, “I just don’t see it. Not to mention we are in line here for a wet and active weather pattern across the plains.”

In fact, Soulie says it looks like the wet weather pattern could potentially reach well into June for some sections of the Heartland.

We saw a lot of beautiful assists in the Final Four tournament that wrapped up recently. Let your tires assist you in the upcoming planting season!

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