Low Commodity Prices . . . Examine Your Ag Tire Costs

Posted by Tarang Srivastava on Dec 20, 2018, 11:37:32 AM

“Get focused on costs.” That’s the message from Purdue University Extension Director Jason Henderson who says farmers will continue to face a down farm economy in 2019.

Henderson, who spoke to farmers at the recent Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention, said 100 dollar billsmany farmers are anticipating continued low commodity prices.

“What they can do about it is make sure they get focused on their costs but also figuring out where they can get some profit opportunities next year,” he told Brownfield Ag News. “For example, in 2018 we had strong prices earlier in the spring so farmers who entered the market and sold ahead probably did pretty well.”

There’s no question that tires for farm equipment can be a significant expense. We suggest farmers look for the “sweet spot” in tire value . . .  tires that deliver the most performance for the dollar.

You could buy the cheapest Ag tire, but be ready to factor in the life of that tire and, more importantly, how it performs during its life. You may buy the most expensive, but again, you have to factor in how many hours of service you ultimately received for the high upfront purchase price, especially when you have a lower disposable income with lower commodity prices.

We believe CEAT Ag radials deliver the sweet spot farmers are looking for – priced in the value segment and manufactured to the highest quality standards for long, dependable performance in the fields and on the road. CEAT Ag radials are backed by a 7-year warranty with coverage for stubble damage and field hazard.

CEAT FARMAX R85-1Take the CEAT FARMAX R85 for example. Available for rim sizes 20 inches to 46 inches, the FARMAX R85 Ag radial is designed to provide exceptional CTR: low compaction, high traction and high roadability. Due to its flexible sidewalls, superior construction, wider tread face and higher inner tire volume, the FARMAX R85 helps reduce soil compaction. Its dual lug angle design with more lug overlap gives the FARMAX R85 high traction and better roadability.

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