On The Road With Torquemax

Posted by Theresa Kapper on Feb 16, 2021 5:20:37 PM


If you’re driving equipment over the roads, think about speed rating, service life and ride comfort in your Ag tires. Thanks to advances in engineering, materials and construction, the tire industry can now build tires capable of carrying 10,000 pounds or more at speeds of 30, 40 or even 60 miles per hour—unheard of just a few years ago.

Take for example the new VF version of the CEAT TORQUEMAX Ag radial. The superior CEAT TORQUEMAX VFVF technology gives 40% higher load carrying capacity than a standard radial. Alternately, the tires can carry the same load at 40% lesser pressure.

Tilted lug tips in the TORQUEMAX VF inhibit vibration at higher speeds. This improves roadability and gives a more comfortable ride.

In addition to good performance at higher speeds, you also want a tread design that can withstand the severe grinding that pavement can cause on tires. A flat contact patch and higher rubber-to-void ratio, as found in the TORQUEMAX, can help tires deliver better fuel economy and longer service life on the road.

Other key elements of the TORQUEMAX design include:

  • Stepped lug design to provide superior grip
  • Wider tread width for lower soil compaction, increasing yield
  • Longer and wider lugs that provide higher contact area for longer life

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