Torquemax Now Available with VF Technology

Posted by Theresa Kapper on Dec 29, 2020 1:27:14 PM

CEAT Specialty is introducing a VF version of our TORQUEMAX Ag radial range. The superior VF technology gives 40% higher load carrying capacity than a standard radial. Alternately, the tires can carry the same load at 40% lesser pressure.

The Torquemax range has been developed to complement the growing performance requirements of the latest high-power tractors – both on roads and in fields. The new product line is a testament to our growing technical prowess, and we are especially excited to be offering VF technology to our North American customers.

Key elements of the Torquemax design include:

  • Stepped lug design to provide superior grip
  • Wider tread width for lower soil compaction, increasing yield
  • Longer and wider lugs that provide higher contact area for longer life
  • Tilted lug tips for lower vibration at higher speed. This improves roadability and gives a more comfortable ride.

CEAT TORQUEMAX VFThe special design features and robust construction of the TORQUEMAX VF increases sidewall flexibility, which enables the vehicle to carry 40% more load than a standard tire at the same pressure. Alternatively, in the field, the pressure of VF tires can be lowered by 40% compared to standard tires, even when carrying the same load.

CEAT TORQUEMAX VF - 90 degree angleThe lower pressure tires produce a larger tire footprint, which reduces compaction and hence improves yield. While too little tire pressure and a too high load can quickly lead to damage for standard tires, for TORQUEMAX VF tires the tough casing, sidewall flexibility and rigid belt lower the risk of deformation and damage. In addition, the TORQUEMAX VF tire features a stepped lug design for excellent traction and reduced slippage, thereby improving the tractor’s fuel economy.

In the specialty segment, CEAT manufactures farm, mining and earthmover, industrial, and construction equipment tires, as well as special application off road tires.

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