VF Technology for the "Smaller Guys"

Posted by Ryan Loethen on Mar 18, 2021 10:38:37 AM
Ryan Loethen

An Ag tire is not just something that’s black and round, not just another moving piece of a machine. It is an extension of the driver. The tire is a direct connection of the operator to the ground.

Driver Comfort

With this in mind, let’s talk about driver comfort and roadability. At CEAT wejosh climbing into tractor - catalpadale dairy-3 know the driver is in the cab 12 plus hours a day. If the tire is not absorbing the punishment, keeping the driver from being jolted around and giving a crisp, smooth and responsive ride, the driver cannot be at his or her best.

That’s what makes our VF tires so remarkable. By running lower air pressure, the tire is able to absorb the blows and the jolts from the road and the field in order to protect the operator. This allows the operator to be more productive while working and not feel beat up off the job. Hard working tires for hard working folks!

Cost Per Hour

The second thing I would like to touch on is cost per hour. At CEAT we believe you do not have to sacrifice modern VF technology due to the price of the tire. We offer the VF advantage at an honest price. Our cost per hour is among the industry's best; coupled with an honest aggressive entry level price our VF technology is available for farmers at all price points.

Why should only the large operators get the advantage of VF technology? Hard working tires at an honest price!

CEAT TORQUEMAX VFThe new Torquemax VF for high horse power tractors features:

  • Stepped lug design to provide superior grip in wet conditions You don't just farm when it's sunny and 70!)
  • Wider tread width, coupled with VF technology, provides reduced soil compaction.
  • Longer and wider lugs that provide a higher contact area for longer life as well is a smoother ride.
  • Tilted lug tips for lower vibration at higher speed. This increases driver comfort at road speeds.

Stewardship of the soil

At CEAT we believe that we have a responsibility in the stewardship of the soil.tread imprint - Catalpadale Farm This starts with our low compaction VF tires. Minimizing soil compaction is important for farmers at all levels. We feel a farmer should not have to pass up on a low compaction VF tire just because of the sticker price. Protecting the soil, increased yields and increased productivity should be available to all farmers. With a growing population that needs to be fed we need maximum yield from all farmers, not just some. 

The “IF,” or increased flexion radials, carry about 20% more load than standard radials at the same inflation pressures. The “VF,” or very high flexion radials, carry about 40% more load than standard radials at the same inflation pressures.

Conversely, these high-tech tires can carry the same loads as standard radials with reduced inflation pressures. If you want to run low inflation pressures to help minimize compaction, the “IF” and “VF” options will provide the best opportunities to achieve your objective.

We Support Family Farms

Taking all this into consideration, we are providing a high technology, high productivity, high value tire at an aggressive price.  This allows the small and medium size farmers access to VF technology. We support family farms. We support the small and medium size farmer. We want to see them have the ability to compete with the big boys and have access to the same technology as the big boys. 

Hard working Tires, for Hard Working Folks at an Honest Price. 

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